A brief review of our company's history

Stephan Schmidt Group is one of the world's leading producers of special clays and industrial minerals.

  • 20 clay pits, 16 of which are situated in the Westerwald region
  • sale of > 1.6 million tpy
  • raw material reserves for more than 120 years
  • 9 homogenising plants
  • covered storage capacity > 100,000 t
  • 3 grinding and preparation plants with a capacity of 350,000 tpy
  • 1 plant for the production of dry granulated bodies with a capacity of 20,000 tpy
  • 4 laboratories for research & development, quality control and services for our customers

Systematic utilization of its large clay deposits by continuous exploitation techniques and stringent production control in accordance with ISO 9001 has turned Stephan Schmidt KG into a leading producer of raw materials for ceramics, refractories and additives as well as fillers, special-purpose building materials and horticultural products.

The company’s clay pits have ample reserves to guarantee continued production of quality raw materials for at least another 120 years. The special clays and industrial minerals produced by Stephan Schmidt KG stand out for their high preparation levels and their consistently high quality over a long period.

Stephan Schmidt KG offers the widest choice of special clays within Stephan Schmidt Group.

Code of conduct

Our business strategy is characterised by constant progress and adaptation to changing production conditions at our
customers' sites. With its specialised affiliates, Stephan Schmidt Group covers the entire extraction and preparation spectrum of special clays and industrial minerals. We supply all-inclusive, single-source solutions, always reliably and in consistently high quality.

Our code of conduct stands for our customers' success and our own company's performance:

  • We pay attention to our customers' wants and needs - as a yardstick for judging the job we do.
  • Around the world, our customers can count on getting their raw materials punctually, reliably, dependably.
  • Top quality is our aim - relying on the efficiency and competence of a dedicated team and modern plant and equipment.
  • We at Stephan Schmidt Group always keep in mind what it takes to be - and stay - one of Europe's leading producers of special clays and industrial minerals.


Your contact to Stephan Schmidt KG:

Stephan Schmidt KG
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Phone.: +49 6436 / 609-0
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E-Mail: info[ at ]schmidt-tone(dot)de