Ceramic Products

    We keep improving our products and processes to provide you with optimal solutions

    Modern production techniques - as applied to the extraction of raw materials, for example - are characterised by extensive quality control at the various stages of production and in application of quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Our laboratory routinely tests every sample taken for all relevant parameters as a basis for quality classification and production control.

    The main criteria to be analysed are

    • behaviour under ceramic production conditions
    • physical parameters
    • chemical composition
    • grain size distribution

    Considering the number of specimens tested annually - more than 15,000! - the use of electronic data processing equipment has long-since become indispensable.

    Another field of activity that opens up new applications and production techniques is the development and testing of new products, frequently in close cooperation with our customers. The bodies we have successfully developed using different additives prove the appropriateness of our strategy. A thoroughly experienced team of raw material scientists, ceramic engineers and laboratory technicians employing modern analytical technology make sure that the customer gets the quality he is expecting.