How to find us

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Stephan Schmidt Gruppe

Stephan Schmidt KG

Headquarters and Central Laboratory

Bahnhofstrasse 92
65599 Dornburg-Langendernbach

GPS-coordinates: 50.533072 N, 8.038309 E

Maienburg Mixing and Preparation Plant
Clay pits Wimpfsfeld I, II and III

Stephan-Schmidt-Strasse 1
35794 Mengerskirchen

GPS-coordinates: 50.553294 N, 8.167487 E

Sedan Mixing and Preparation Plant

56412 Girod

GPS-coordinates: 50.440924 N, 7.926153 E

TGA Mixing Plant

56414 Berod

GPS-coordinates: 50.483697 N, 7.928843 E

Töpferkaut Preparation Plant (Eisenbach)

65618 Selters-Eisenbach

GPS-coordinates: 50.344447 N, 8.257067 E

Attention: Trucks are not allowed to drive through Eisenbach village!

Access is allowed via:

  • A3 motorway
  • Exit „Limburg Süd“ to B8
  • Pass through Lindenholzhausen, Brechen and Oberbrechen to the end of Selters village
  • At the 2nd big traffic-light crossing turn left, direction Haintchen (Hessenstrasse)
  • Turn right then, direction 65618 Eisenbach to go to the „Eisenbach“ Plant – after approx. 1 km, you will see the plant on your left

Niedersachsen Mixing and Preparation Plant

Hofstrasse 13
56412 Ruppach-Goldhausen

GPS-coordinates: 50.460325 N, 7.883102 E

Sandborn Mixing Plant

56422 Wirges

GPS-coordinates: 50.474925 N, 7.823340 E

Stephan Schmidt Meißen GmbH

Headquarters and Wiesa Mixing Plant

Am Hasenberg 4
01917 Kamenz/ Wiesa

GPS-coordinates: 51.262990 N, 14.129464 E

Mittelhessische Tonbergbau GmbH & Co. KG

Schiffenberger Forst Mixing Plant

Pistorstrasse 12
35394 Gießen

GPS-coordinates: 50.568946 N, 8.688280 E