Logistic Concept

We keep you supplied - all over the world!

The organisational structure of Stephan Schmidt Group is fully in line with the requirements of our market. With our efficient network of specialists, we are a competent partner both for the ceramic sector and for the various branches of industry in which industrial minerals are used - we "live" in proximity to our customers.

Drawing on all kinds of logistic concepts for bulk material, ground material in silos and bagged material on pallets, we ship raw materials to more than 40 countries all over the world. In addition to the traditional form of haulage by lorry, Stephan Schmidt Group has its own railway sidings at several homogenisation sites, where waggons are loaded with our raw materials and sent to our customers all over Europe.

Another important logistics option for our raw materials is transport by inland water vessels. For that, our raw materials are hauled to the loading station in Bendorf on the River Rhine and then reloaded onto barges. This is the way we supply many of our customers in Germany and Central Europe. Furthermore, we transship the raw materials onto ocean vessels at a seaport and supply customers all over the world by water. This mode of transport is rounded out by loading bulk or packed clay blends into containers.

In response to the growing importance of logistics, Stephan Schmidt Group has employed a qualified logistics expert with profound practical experience since 2016 who elaborates the optimal shipment solutions for our customers with his team.

Let's travel the road to success together - with optimised logistics concepts!